GIF In Review

I keep saying I should do a round up of some of the animations I made this year. So I did.

Made for the now defunct DispoCam app (RIP).
Animation Complexity: 8/10
Color Palette: 10/10
Filename: 10/10


Dispocam’s Shipping Confirmation email animation. Lives on as a hipchat emoticon whenever someone wants to celebrate anything / California Style /.
Animation Complexity: 2/10
Party-on: 10/10

Hey everyone, I just got back from Korea. The loosely kearned rounded sans-serif and palette doesn’t give that away at all. I think I wrote that copy, too.
Eyestrain: 6/10 (frankly, could be more)
Asian Post Modernism: 4/10


What was this even for. I mean it’s cute but. Why.
Cute: 10/10
But why?: 10/10


Did you know that this gradient is actually a photograph of the reflection of CD-ROM? Yeah, a lot of people think that I used Photoshop to make it, but I didn’t.
Transition smoothness: 1/10
Rainbow: 10/10


A new iPhone came out this year. Unlike other years, one of them was Pink. That inspired a bunch of Mean Girls jokes because we are an office of Millenials.
Sass: 5/10
Convertible: 10/10

It’s the holidays! That means shameless commercialism. While everyone else on the internet was trying to disguise their Black Friday sale as a ‘Give Thanks Sale’ Photojojo had a shopping cart that was sad when it was empty and happy when you put stuff in it.
Are you ashamed of your materialism: 10/10
Do you still like buying stuff: 10/10

Like, I’m not really subtle, am I? When you buy something from Photojojo you see these little dinos making it rain. If you want more context you’re going to have to checkout.
Make it rain: 10/10

I made this for twitter during all the sale madness. All you other people in e-commerce, you’re doing a good job.
Complexity: 4/10
Good Vibes: 10/10

We had a really cute twitter promotion where people tweeted us stuff they wanted from our store and we’d grant five of their wises. I’m pretty sure the popularity of the promo is because of Santa Dino and these twinkly stars.
Complexity: 5/10
Palatte: 8/10

I updated the GIF I made for High Five the Internet and made the computer hand give out money.
Cronenberg: 10/10

Not from this year but I really like it, it’s so dumb.
Dad Joke: 10/10