Sparkle Cube Desk Prank

Birthdays mean photogenic pranks at Photojojo. I first got the idea when I saw photos of Unframed (y’know, the yellow tubes) at the LACMA. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and this was kind of the perfect opportunity. I called the usual chain party stores to see if they had enough stock to get the effect I wanted. They didn’t. I was worried we’d have to go with a plan B which did NOT include any kind of sparkles. Then I called Cliff’s Variety. They had EXACTLY 10 sheets of gold foil curtains. I feel like a fool for not calling them first because of course a store in the Castro would have more than enough sparkle curtains.

Setup was so so so easy. I used packing tape and a ladder. The length of curtains was perfect for our taller ceilings. Jen, the prankee, was delighted.



Photo by Shelby Chen